linear polishing machine
linear polishing machine


Screw Polishing Machine

Leading screw is the actuated element the most often using on toolroom machine and precision optical machinery, and tool high accuracy, invertibity and high efficiency feature, so in screw mandrel process, screw mandrel reverse mould is a very important operation.In prior art, on the make, machining accuracy is not too high for conventional screw mandrel running-in machine, reverse mould weak effect, and inefficiency, and poor reliability, the noise of generation is larger, and these have all brought inconvenience to process.

The purpose of the screw mandrel running-in machine is to overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings and a kind of simple structure, reliable in action, convenient, and practical screw mandrel running-in machine provided.

The lead screw grinding machine is suitable for the grinding process of high-precision lead screws and has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable movement, convenience, practicability, and the like.


The lead screw polishing machine comprises an electric motor (1), a machine table (3), guide rails (5), a lead screw (6) and sliding blocks (7), wherein the machine table (3) is fixedly provided with the electric motor (1); the electric motor (1) is connected to the lead screw (6) through a conveyor belt (2). The lead screw grinding machine is characterized in that the guide rails (5) are fixedly arranged on the machine table (3) in parallel; the guide rails (5) are provided with the sliding blocks (7) capable of sliding in a matching manner; the sliding blocks (7) are fixedly provided with a transverse plate (8); the middle part of the transverse plate (8) is provided with a nut seat (9); the inner bore of the nut seat (9) is provided with the lead screw (6); two sides of the lead screw (6) are respectively arranged inside bearing seats (4) through bearings; the bearing seats (4) are fixedly connected to the machine table (3); the side surface of the machine table (3) is provided with a travel switch (10) and a control box (11).

Screw Polishing Machine


1. Uses: Suitable for screw track running-in and screw cleaning.
2. Applicable product specifications: 16~63 screw rods.
3. Function:
(1) The running-in cleaning method is automatic running-in cleaning.
(2) The running-in and cleaning times can be adjusted according to the needs.
(3) The running-in cleaning of the screw adopts the double-top fixing method.
(4) The equipment can rotate in the corresponding direction according to the positive and negative threads of the screw rod.
(5) The equipment is equipped with an oil mist collector, which makes cleaning more environmentally friendly.
(6) The equipment is equipped with a protective cover and a safety door for safer operation.

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